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    I just had a straight guy tell me “Gah I love lesbians” and before I could even say anything, he added, “because, ya know, they like the same thing I do and sometimes it’s nice to get advice from a girl instead of guys who think making love is just repeatedly putting your dick in something, ya know?” And I have never been more proud of the human race.

    i was very mad and then i wasn’t 

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    Maxi dresses.


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    when you realize they weren’t waving at you


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    this is still SO FUNNY

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    I didnt know body wash could be so sexy and condescending

    Every time I see this post I think it’s a fire extinguisher and I get really confused

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    i was teaching my grandma to use computer so we can talk on skype and such but today she went kinda mad at me because “i didnt show her the knitting programme” and i was like what

    and it comes out she accidentally opened ms excel and found out its a great way to create knitting patterns


    my grandma is 82


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